"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away."- Pablo Picasso




During my long and non-conventional career path I have held all of these positions.  Movie ticket and concessions expert, accountant for a truck stop, junior financial analyst and beer tasting geek, Telemarketer of time-shares, nearly every restaurant position, bartender, private investigator, process server, should I keep going?  Film and TV extra, retail sales auditor, data entry clerk for Neilson ratings, retail sales software analyst, payroll manager, website designer, website producer, brand manager, content editor, information architecture teacher, database administrator, project manager, my most important jobs of all - MOM, PTA president, Basketball Booster Club Parent, Snack Bar Diva - have you had enough?  I promise that I am getting to the point, everything that I have done has brought me to this most amazing place that I am now!

In 2002 the perils of corporate and dotcom life were getting to me.  I began to experience odd health issues - most of which could not be fully explained by medical professionals.  A co-worker suggested we attend lunch time yoga classes, which helped immensely with my anxiety and stress levels.  Two years later, I took a leap of faith into the realm of self-employment, hoping to positively impact my health and to be more present for my school aged kids.

My yoga practice began to evolve too.  I decided to enroll in a teacher training program.  When they say that these programs are life changing, they really can be.  During this journey is where I found my inner Weird Al Yankovic.  My fascination with parody began with my 7th grade self.  I would spend hours listening to music and making up silly lyrics.  When Al hit the scene in 1976 I figured my future in lampooning was over.

Fast forward back to the yoga teacher training and satire happened.  We would inevitably get a little punchy after hours of studying anatomy or yoga postures and the ideas would flow.  At one point someone - it might have been the lead teacher - said "we need to put that on a t-shirt".  After that, future witty, sarcastic, silly remarks were always followed by "that's a t-shirt!"  I started designing (in my head) off the wall t-shirts with some of my own left field ideas.

I was also exploring making my own body care products from DoTerra and other pure grade essential oils and sustainable/organic ingredients. Many of the additives and preservatives in convention cosmetics were causing me skin and immune issues.  I began to share these products as gifts to my friends and yoga clients.

My yoga teaching practice was starting to take off and I was managing my health pretty well, but my mom's health was beginning to decline and my involvement in her care was increasing. I ended up feeling completely frustrated and exhausted when I began to deal with her care on a daily basis and I struggled to understand her behavior and personality - at times she seemed to be confused about herself!  I took a class to study both of our natal birth charts and that began my adventures in astrology.

The last year of her life was hard for her and I, but I feel that astrology really helped both of us immensely with our mental health  It helped me care for her in a way that I don't think I would have been capable of before I began working with an astrologist. It has weaved it's way into every facet of my life now and the products that I am making now are fueling my creativity and helping me share my experience and successes with others.

The next chapter of my journey took me deep into the earth as I kicked my study of crystals and stones into high gear and finished my first certification through Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine.

I will never be done learning, growing and doing my part to share my extensive knowledge of yoga, movement, astrology, and the incredible ability of the earth to heal us at a soul level.  Thank you for visiting my website and for reading my story.  I hope that we meet soon so I can learn about yours.