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What the World Needs Now

January 30, 2024

We need more love. We need more compassion. We need more kindness. We can’t begin to create these situations for others until we can begin to heal our own hearts. Hello, thanks for visiting to read more about the stone(s) or scrub you recently acquired from me. If you would like to read more about…

Sportstrology Bracelets

September 17, 2023

Where my love of sports, crystals/stones and astrology come together! New moon – new product drop!  Been on this one for a minute!!  Genuine gemstones and stones  repping your favorite team(s)!  I have them all designed (in my head and on my board) but with endless combinations (NFL, NBA, MLB, FC. NHL, College, High School, Men’s…

Once in a Blue Moon, the Super Full Moon in Pisces

August 29, 2023

This year the full moon in Pisces also happens to be a Blue Moon. Blue Moons occur once every 2-3 years (according to NASA) and there are several different definitions, but one that was repeated is that it occurs when there are 2 full moons in the same calendar month, let’s roll with that! So…

The Elements Bracelet Limited Series – For Maui

August 26, 2023

For quite some time I have been mulling over an Astrology Element line of bracelets and I ordered some beads and they have been just hanging around since February.  A lot of “stuff” has happened since then.  I have attempted a few times to layout and put some effort into this but it just never…

Body Scrub for Geminis

Zodiac Scrubs – Gemini

May 21, 2023

Original Release Date: 5/21/2021 (Formula can change due to sourcing issues or mixologist whims, which will be noted here) The TWINS. Social butterfly, the teacher and learner, amazing storyteller, journalist. Mutable air sign with Mercury as your ruling planet, Gemini governs the shoulders, arms and hands, speech center and tends to have an overactive nervous…

Mountain Air

What the smudge?

May 1, 2023

Burning plants has become a daily routine for me. Whether it’s before I teach in my private studio or to promote a more tranquil space when someone arrives or leaves my home, this practice has driven me to learn to understand, grow and nurture a wide variety of plants and herbs. Here are some of…

Taurus Body Scrub

Zodiac Scrubs – Taurus

April 20, 2023

Release Date: 4/21/2021 The BULL. Responsible, practical, strong-willed, loving and down to earth. Fixed earth Sign with Venus as your ruling planet. This stable blend is dependable and predictable. Juniper Berry, Lemon, Marjoram, Patchouli, Ylang YlangOils (Coconut, Almond, Jojoba)Epsom Salt Jade supports Taurus emotionally and physically.

Buster’s Blog

March 29, 2023

Buster is a 13 year old rescue Chihuahua/Doxie/Terrier pup with a spunky personality and a strong pack mentality.  He is the dog in my logo, my spirit animal/feather finder and has been my shadow ever since my kids moved into adulthood. In April of 2021, a series of minor health issues led to a critical…

Aries Body Scrub

Zodiac Scrubs – Aries

March 20, 2023

Release Date: 3/13/2021 The RAM. Driven, independent, expressive, creative, the typical first born child. Cardinal fire sign with Mars as your planetary ruler. This spirited blend provides support and wisdom to your inner warrior. Basil, Geranium, Grapefruit, Lavender, VetiverOils (Coconut, Almond, Jojoba)Epsom Salt Honey Citrine keeps Aries positive and happy.

Pisces Body Scrub

Zodiac Scrubs – Pisces

February 19, 2023

Release Date: 2/18/2021 The FISHES. Dreamer, multi-dimensional, adaptive, floats easily between fantasy and reality. Water Sign with Neptune and Jupiter as your planetary rulers. This grounding blend helps balance your double agent life. Bergamot, Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Cypress, HelichrysumOils (Coconut, Almond, Jojoba)Epsom Salt Aquamarine keeps Pisceans calm, cool and centered.