Would you like to learn about astrology through fun and easy craft projects?  I have more workshops coming soon, I call them Art-strology classes.  My goal is to provide an entertaining session packed with beginning concepts about how to read and understand the symbolism used in astrology.  Currently I am offering two workshops on how to read and interpret your natal birth chart, a four seasonal workshops where we create energy smudge kits to help prepare for the upcoming celestial events.

2023 will usher in new and exciting opportunities to learn more about the different aspects, planets or luminaries and how they affect our lives here on planet earth, I have several concepts in development now.

I am currently teaching these workshops in a variety of formats.

  • Live Workshops in Ventura County.  I usually teach at least one workshop monthly at the Craft House 805 in Moorpark.

  • Zoom Group or One on One.  I send the crafty stuff to you and you book a date for your party or session.

  • Private Events.  I teach at wineries, breweries, private home parties, holiday parties, girls' night, corporate team building events. Email me for more information or to book an event.

Below are the different workshops I am offering through the end of 2022.  Stay tuned, I have a lot more planned for the coming year!

Birth Chart Bracelet - Zodiac Signs

Currently booking private events or online sessions through Zoom.

Birth Chart Bracelet - Houses

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 - 6:00-8:00pm
Craft House 805, Moorpark, CA