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New moon – new product drop!  Been on this one for a minute!!  Genuine gemstones and stones  repping your favorite team(s)!  I have them all designed (in my head and on my board) but with endless combinations (NFL, NBA, MLB, FC. NHL, College, High School, Men’s Women’s, Club Teams – my head was starting to blow up!) I can’t possibly post all the combinations, with the onset of the College and NFL regular season under way, I’m starting there and let’s face it, I’m a big football gal.

I love custom work, so hit me up and we can get your bracelet just right and sized for you!!  This round might be a very limited edition as I am having to source some of my ingredients elsewhere, I”m so sad my AMAZING jewelry component manufacturer TierraCast in Santa Rosa, CA is going out of business and I may have tapped the last of the letter beads.  But I have a pretty good stockpile and I’m busy trying to secure more inventory, so order away!

If you are local to Southern California, you can pick up what I”ve made so far – LA Rams, Chargers, Seahawks, Niners, Broncos, Raiders, Saints at the Craft House in Moorpark  starting this weekend (9/16/23)! 

These are genuine gemstone beads activated with lots of positive energy and love for your team. Additionally, you have the opportunity for me to run your birth chart alongside your favorite player, I’ll highlight the major points of connection between the two of you, maybe it is written in the stars!

Order Here! Prices start at just $35 for the bracelets (2 stones, as designed). Bulk discounts available, just email me.

I’m also doing workshops, events, football parties!!  We can get together, make your bracelets and talk about the sportstrology together!  DM me for more information or to schedule me at your next event!  Link to schedule online coming soon.

Sunday (9/17/23) Update!

After watching the highly anticipated Colorado State vs Colorado University game last night (good thing I had a long nap yesterday!!), I was inspired to design a CU Buffs bracelet. Of course, I broke protocol (in true Deion Sanders spirit) and went with 3 stones for this design. I am always following my heart and sometimes that gets me in trouble as I break my own rules.

About the design/stones:

So, the uniforms changed this season, they went with black/white (I think) but I still see gold accents on the uniforms. NORMALLY I stick to the primary colors, however, the pyrite wouldn’t stop calling to me.

White Howlite – In its natural state, it’s white with gray streaks, there are also some silver accents in the team colors this year. Howlite has always been a favorite of mine to help with focus, calming and a connection to spirit. It also resembles the rare White Buffalo Turquoise.

Black Onyx – I love onyx for stability, endurance and to help with decision making.

Pyrite – I still remember the first piece of pyrite I found when I was growing up, I thought I had hit the jackpot!! Go figure it does help with prosperity, abundance and provides protection. Great support for mental and intellect as well.

First, my love of Deion began when he was an Atlanta Falcon, a team I currently follow. The first time I saw him play, I don’t remember what game it was, but I am pretty sure I was in the bar that I worked at in Manhattan Beach and people were screaming about his TD. I wanted to share this video on YouTube of his first punt return. It might have been that same day or week he also hit a home run in the MLB, I don’t know all the facts surrounding those events but you can probably look that up and find it yourself. I do know whatever the time frame was that he was the only guy to ever do that.

Back to the punt return – he dropped the ball and then went on to score a touchdown – with total confidence and determination.

I’ve enjoyed watching him play football, baseball, as a commentator, his flash and flare and boldness always intrigued me. When I discovered his zodiac sun sign was Leo, it all added up.

Fast forward to last week. I missed the first two games with Nebraska and TCU, but the fever pitch about the upcoming game with Colorado State and the fact that I was sidelined to the couch with a bout of something on Saturday night was clearly meant to be.

Watching the game live was EVERYTHING!! Double OT – a fans deepest wish come true! At halftime I ran Deion’s birth chart with the information I had. I already knew we had the Leo connection – he’s a Leo Sun, I’m a Leo Rising Sign, but look at what else I uncovered by just looking at the basics (primal triad/close planets):

RisingLeo?? (need birth time)

He could very well be a Leo Rising like I am, which would not surprise me since he has so many outward qualities of a Leo as well as his sun identity.

Isn’t this fun??!! I can help you connect to your team and favorite player/coach too!

Let’s go Buffs!!

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