Flower Power

Mama Earth has blessed me so big this spring with a bounty of blooms – chock full of healing and aromatic energy!!

I’ve decided to share the wealth, so let me know if you are need of quality herbs that are grown:

  • Sustainably
  • Organically (no herbicides or pesticides that come from a store, I make my own out of essential oils or other plants grown on the property or from farmers I know personally)
  • Spiritually

You might wonder, how does one grow plants spiritually? I have found much healing and grounding through gardening. I have worked really hard and diligently to restore the land that I’m living on. I put a lot of positive energy into the plants that I’m growing. As a student of herbalism and astrology, I am infatuated with connecting the two practices!

Maybe you are wondering how you can incorporate plant spirit medicine into your life. I have listed some plants below that I have in abundance right now with some ideas on how you can use them. I’m also playing with new concoctions so I’ll try and add ideas as I experience them myself.

Also, if you are interested in more, I’ll be sharing some of these methods and techniques at my upcoming Summer Solstice workshop on June 22nd.

There are bundles available now at The Craft House 805, in Moorpark!!


I think most people are familiar with this special plant and its ability to calm our busy minds. Lavender essential oils are great for first aid kits, I use it for knicks I get in the garden, bee stings, bug bites, etc.

Things you can do with fresh or dried lavender. I love hanging a bunch upside down to use in infusions (teas) or to cook with. It’s a regular in all my homemade spice mixes.

Purple (Lavender) Sage

This plant was my first experience growing native (California) sage and the flowers are so beautiful. I have made countless sage wands from the leaves and flowers, it has a very strong and long lasting aroma. Sage is such a grounding and safe herb. Each variety has its own characteristics.

In addition to the sage herbal sticks that you can burn once they dry, I have made a yummy simple syrup that can be fun to put in an adult beverage or soda water. I think we have all heard the term functional cocktail!! Just boil 1 part water with 1 part organic sugar, stirring until the sugar dissolves. Add a few handfuls of the sage blossoms, and let it steep. I always do everything in 3s so I let mine go for 3 hours, it was perfect for my taste.

Side note: I use coconut sugar a lot in place of cane sugar, so you can try substituting that, the color comes out dark and the flavor is a little bit carmel in nature, but I thought that batch turned out nice. I use in my coffee too, so good!


Medicinally, yarrow gets its name from a Greek legend that told of its use by the warrior Achilles to treat battlefield injuries by helping to stop blood loss. Yet another story references Achilles being bathed in yarrow water by his mother, as it was also thought to promote immortality.

You can find dried yarrow leaves in my first aid kit as well. You can hang it upside down, dry it and then grind it into a fine powder that can be turned into a poultice to stop bleeding and protect the wound with its antiseptic properties.

I also make yarrow oil that goes into my Renew-Oil, which I use on my face and skin. You can use just the dried flowers or add the leaves as well. Fill a mason jar about 2/3rds full of the herbs and add your oil of choice (I typically use olive or avocado oil) to the first line of the jar neck. Write the date on the lid and store in a dark, cool place for 4-6 weeks. Shake the jar every few days. Strain and pour into a sterile jar for storage. If you remove all the particulates the infused oil should last up to a year.

If you are near Ventura County, please reach out if you are interested in purchasing some fresh flowers to make your concoctions. I also currently have White sage (blossoms and leaves), Scarlet sage (blooms and leaves), and English Lavender.

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