Handmade Smudge Bouquets


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These rustic bundles of fragrant plants are between 7-13 inches long and 1 1/2 – 2 inches in diameter.  Each one is handmade and will vary from the pictures shown.

You can select the type of combination below.  We grow most of what we wrap.  You can read more about smudging on our blog.

The smudge bouquet is garnished with Palo Santo (sourced from Luna Sundara) and a medium sized rough cut crystal which you can select.

We also welcome commissioned work and can design custom bouquets, they make beautiful house warming or special occasion gifts.  We can also customize our bouquets by adding beads and charms, please email for assistance with custom orders.

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Each smudge bouquet is wrapped fresh and may need additional drying time before use. 1-2 weeks drying time recommended if you have received it fresh.

Homegrown and hand wrapped from start to finish – no pesticides ever, most plants are all cultivated on private property located in Simi Valley, California.  Sometimes we harvest from remote areas in the local mountains.

All white and purple sage is privately grown either on our property or we source from sister locations where we have relationships and trust.  We do not buy pre-wrapped sage from suppliers so our bouquets are seasonal.

Our Palo Santo comes exclusively from Luna Sundara.