What the World Needs Now

We need more love. We need more compassion. We need more kindness. We can’t begin to create these situations for others until we can begin to heal our own hearts. Hello, thanks for visiting to read more about the stone(s) or scrub you recently acquired from me. If you would like to read more about…

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New Product – Irish Sea Moss Scrub

I honestly do most of my weekly shopping at farmers markets, as a result I have been introduced to other amazing products, many have changed my health and my lifestyle.  Once upon a time (during a pandemic) I met a couple of dynamic young men selling sea moss gel.  I was intrigued by the product…

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Our body scrubs.

Vibrant Scrubs

One way we can assist our skin – our largest organ – is through exfoliation. Did you know that the majority of consumers will spend top dollar on facial cosmetics – completely ignoring the rest of the body! So we focus our attention on giving extra care to the facial and neck area, and just cleanse…

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