Vibrant Scrubs

Our body scrubs.

One way we can assist our skin – our largest organ – is through exfoliation.

Did you know that the majority of consumers will spend top dollar on facial cosmetics – completely ignoring the rest of the body! So we focus our attention on giving extra care to the facial and neck area, and just cleanse and moisturize the rest of the body. We now interrupt this blog post for the following important message.

A public service announcement from the rest of your skin…

Hello there! Allow me to re-introduce myself and point out some of my built-in features.

I am a waterproof, insulating armor that protects your insides from extremes – temperature, excessive sunlight and toxins that are present in the air, soil and on surfaces. I play a huge role in your immune defense, by creating my very own antibacterial protection matter and converting sunlight to vitamin D.

In addition, through nerve pathways, I provide your brain with information about your external environment and I’m amazingly flexible, allowing you to move with ease through your day.

I am the largest organ in your body and as your first line of defense against the outside world, I hope that you will take the time and effort to help me do my job.


Your Skin

Closeup of human skin.

The top 5 ways our scrubs help your skin.

  1. The exfoliates – epsom salt, Himalayan salt or sugar helps to clear away dry and dead skin cells.
  2. The main oils – coconut and sweet almond oil work to hydrate and prep the skin cells for greater absorption of additional moisturizer if needed in the dryer months.
  3. The add-on oils – jojoba, castor, or Vitamin E provide additional support for the skin including anti-inflammatory and other healing properties.
  4. Ahhhh, the DoTerra essential oils. Each oil has it’s own amazingness! Not to go all scientific and nerdy on you but, aromatherapy or the scent of the oils passes through your olfactory bulb, which runs from your nose and connects to your brain via the hippocampus and amygdala. These areas of the brain are responsible for your memories and feelings, which is why a scent has the ability to positively affect your mood. Why not start your day in a good mood?!
  5. We only use the best ingredients, organic whenever possible and we deal with smaller suppliers that have transparency and use sustainable practices that help with environmental concerns. What you see on the label is it – nothing else – absolutely no preservatives. We adorn all of our scrubs with homegrown dried plants, herbs, fruits or charged crystals. From one of our customers: “It’s like Cracker Jacks – you know you are getting a little surprise inside.”

We started out with only two scrubs and now we have over 20 different “flavors” and varieties all with different benefits.

Essential Body Scrubs – our signature line that started it all.
Celestial Body Scrubs – skin care in tune with our seasonal changes.
Zodiac Body Scrubs – align with your sign, a fun gift to give yourself or others.
Sea Moss Body Scrubs – Irish sea moss infused oil adds access to 92 essential minerals for your skin.
Speciality Body Scrubs – several times a year we release special scrubs for holidays

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