Spring Equinox

Today marks the first day of Aries, the first astrological sign and coincides this year with the day of equal light and dark, the spring equinox for the Northern Hemisphere. The spring (or vernalequinox occurs when the sun crosses the equator line and begins it’s move north. Equinox literally means “equal night” in Latin. It varies from year to year because our trip around the sun (Earth) is not exactly 365 days, it takes that plus about 6 hours. No matter where you reside on Earth, the sunrise and sunset is due east and west today.

There are loads of way to celebrate this time of year marked as a time of rebirth and growth – perfect for sowing seeds – both for yourself (intention, goals, ideas) and in your garden!

I have started so many new plants! White sage, calendula, burdock, dandelion, purple sage, just to name a few. I cannot wait until they get big enough and I’m sure the frost is past (it’s been very cold here in SoCal this year).

I decided it would be fun to create a line of body scrubs that work with the Celestial or significant seasonal events that happen each year in the sky.

Then I added an element of surprise to make them like kind of like a box of adult Cracker Jacks – a surprise crystal on top. The crystals I selected will help you connect with the Spring seasonal energy:

  • Apatite (emerald green) – aids in creativity, knowledge and intellect, springtime renewal goals
  • Rose Quartz (light pink) – associated with the heart and a deep connection to the earth, plant seeds with a heartfelt intention
  • Peach Selenite (peachy!) – a stone of transformation, a companion to help forge a new path or beginning
  • Green Adventurine (translucent green) – strong connection to the earth and the spirits of nature
  • Rhodonite (pink with dark streaks) – balances energy and yin/yang, cultivates commitment and nurturing
  • Carnelian (orange and red glassy) – provides motivation and vitality, courage and stimulates new creativity
  • Moss Agate (dark green with lighter streaks) – prosperity, growth and abundance, a gardener’s best friend

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