New Product – Gemstone Bracelets

My affinity for gemstone bracelets is no secret, if you know me I’m never without at least 3 bracelets on my wrist. Each bracelet and stone that makes it’s way onto my wrist and forearm is there to create a meaning, energy or a reminder for me. Wearing gemstones every day is an amazing way to tap into their natural healing and spiritual properties. You are holding space for a piece of mother earth on your arms.

As a yoga teacher, I’ve always struggled with proper sizing. I like a tighter fit so the bracelets don’t slide down my forearm/wrist when I go upside down! That is what initially prompted me to make my first bracelet by modifying my favorites to get a better fit.

Researching and learning about the origins and meanings of the gemstones and discovering that different wood and lava beads could make an aromatherapy experience with essential oils last longer, started to seem like a natural progression for my hand crafted products. Additionally, I was already putting beads and Astrology charms on my Zodiac scrubs that could be worn as a wrap style bracelet.

As usual, I took my time finding the right vendors making the highest quality products. In September I was sent a package of magical new jewelry collections and project inspiration kits from Tierra Cast that included a string of Labradorite beads manufactured by Dakota Stones.

I spent the remainder of the summer and fall coming up with some basic design combinations and discovered I really liked working with spacers and using some charms, I had fallen hard for the Celestial collection that was introduced by Tierra Cast with that fateful shipment.

Here are some things that inspire my designs and information that I would like you all to know about what goes into making my gemstone bracelets.

Collections. Nature and her cycles provide endless inspiration for me, the universe has endless possibilities. I try to flow with the seasons and work what is available and offered. I hope to add to my designs often, as of this writing I have following collections:

  • Buster’s Bangles (50% of all profits are donated monthly to local Animal Rescue Organizations)
  • Earth
  • Sky
  • Intentions
  • Zodiac

Numbers. My favorite numbers are 3, 5 and 7. You’ll find those combinations used frequently in my designs. When I make a custom design, I may use your favorite number as inspiration for the layout and spacing of the beads. There may be a meaning in the total number of beads used.

Sizing Guidelines. If you are in between sizes, you might want to size up. I can do a custom size for a small extra charge, that way you’ll get the fit you want.

  • Size S fits wrists 5″-6″
  • Size M fits wrists 6″-7″
  • Size L fits wrists 7″-8″

Beads. I’m very committed to doing business with US companies, and whenever possible companies in California and down to the local 805 level if I can. This just feels right for me, it’s not anything more than I like to keep things close to my heart. I’m aware that stones come from all over the world and I love learning about their origins. 99% of the beads that I use come from Dakota Stones located in Minnesota. I’m all about connection when it comes to life and business, I felt the love from this company from my first contact with them. They have a similar business philosophy to mine and all their raw materials are ethically sourced. They manufacture the only branded line of gemstone beads in the world. 

Things that come from our Earth are not always perfect and stones are unique and inconsistent. I embrace this because no two bracelets are uniform or alike – just like human beings.

Charms and Spacers. I spent many hours when I was searching for a local or US vendor for Zodiac charms. It started with this idea that I wanted to make certain body scrubs unique and special by adding a jewelry wrap around the lid. Tierra Cast has continued to inspire me and exceed all expectations with regards to order fulfillment and customer relationships. They are located in Santa Rosa, California which is a stone’s throw from Petaluma where my Mom and Dad lived for a time – you say location, I say connection…

Construction. I use Elasticity thread, USA made – super strong. Nuff said.

I will be introducing some new designs in January, 2022 that I’m pretty excited about!