Celestial Body Scrubs

It’s Fall y’all

Over the past year I’ve been digging deep, listening to how people connect with the products I have been making for a couple of years now, particularly the astrological line which is where I have decided to shift my focus for the coming year.

One of the most interesting comments I hear about the body scrubs is how frequently people gravitate toward a scrub or product that is not their sun sign. The more I learn about my own astrological makeup, that makes a lot of sense. Culturally we have been steered toward focusing on our sun sign, which of course has a lot of influence on our blueprint but there are so many other elements to be considered when it comes to our unique astroness (yes, I just made that word up, call the style and usage police).

The makeover begins.

A thought that never occurred to me until Scott and Ingrid of The Weekly Transit discussed it, was that whatever zodiac sign we are currently in, we all are experiencing that energy and learning what it is like to be that sign. Duh. Seems so simple putting it out there like that. So let me walk you through my fall astro self care experience starting with the new Autumn Astro Scrub.

So before, I was trying to cultivate a “pumpkin spice latte” body scrub experience. I’m not dissing pumpkin spice, if you know me on a personal level then you know I’m in tune with farming and the harvest and yes, this is when pumpkins magically arrive. But I shifted my thinking – what about a little combo burrito body scrub – a little bit of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius astrological fairy dust for the essential oil piece with some more harvest/fall add-ins. I decided I would use some of my homemade Cascade hop oil for some Oktoberfest vibes. I’ve started to work with adding some finely ground plants into some of my products to be on the exfoliation/soak team with the epsom salt. I also make my own Calendula oil, and the by-product of that is the oil soaked flowers from when you strain off the oil – why throw that out in the compost pile? Calendula is usually planted in the fall and the flowers arrive in the spring (that’s my fall connection).

In the end, it’s all a bunch of Hocus Pocus (without the dead man’s toe). What does this mean for my skin and how does this relate to the astrological flow? Here is my recipe recap!

Libra oils:

Lemongrass – uplifting, helps with toning and clearing 

Cypress – warming, helps with purification and protection

Scorpio oils:

Ginger – emotional balance, good for heart and circulation

Patchouli – grounding and sensual, regenerative for skin

Sagittarius oils:

Grapefruit – lifts spirits and promotes optimism, relieves tension

Copaiba – antiinflammatory, good for joints

Seasonal add-ins:

Hop Oil – relaxation and self reflection, slowing down

Calendula – calming and soothing 

The result is the first cornerstone of my upcoming project of creating seasonal and monthly subscription boxes. One thing at a time people, I am only beginning this new adventure where I hope to form a more collaborative curation of astrological and magical products.

Beware, October’s post is coming up next! Please reach out to me with comments about the new scrub on Instagram or Facebook!

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