Scorpio Body Scrub

Zodiac Scrubs – Scorpio

Original Release Date: 10/23/2021

The SCORPION. Resourceful and powerful, precise and approaches everything with a passion.

Water Sign with Pluto and Mars as your ruling planets.

This healing blend has a harmonious effect on your intensity Scorpio!

Cypress, Ginger, Lavender, Lemon, Patchouli
Oils (Coconut, Almond, Jojoba)
Epsom Salt

Rose Quartz helps to open the heart and cultivate unconditional love in Scorpios.

Scorpio Update: 10/23/22

Helloooooo Scorpio (use your Mrs. Doubtfire voice)!  I absolutely love this time of the year.  My parents were Aquarians, they loved to throw home parties and they usually had a Halloween shindig because my mom was a big fan.  As an only child, I was typically allowed to hang out until bedtime. When you are an “only”, most of us learn to become a mini adult early on. 

I remember once at a Halloween bash, I was stone cold munching on some taco flavored Doritos (they had just hit the scene so it must have been around ’67 or ’68), when I overheard a conversation between two of my mom’s friends, one said “he is just too intense for me” to which the other woman replied “I told you not to date a Scorpio”.  

I had no idea what that meant.  No clue.  I was so curious about it that I cornered my mom the next day.  Why would someone call a person a Scorpio? This was to be my introduction into the world of astrology. My mom proceeded to tell me that each person had a sign that depended on their birthday. The sign had certain characteristics that were associated with your personality.

I asked what her sign was, she said “Pisces, but I was born on the cusp, so I’m a blend of the two signs, Aquarius and Pisces.” “You are a Cancer.” she continued. That sounded sort of bad I remember thinking. Then she showed me the astrology forecast in the Sunday newspaper and suggested I read it for further clarification.

Then I discovered each sign had a symbol. I was a crab? “I’m only a crab in the morning, how does this work?” I quizzed my mom. “Think about the different aspects of a crab.” she encouraged. A hard shell, a strange way of “walking”, claws to defend itself, eyes on little sticks, this wasn’t sounding very friendly at all. Is this why I was an only child? At that point I decided maybe I wasn’t ready for this zodiac thing and it ended with my mom sounding amused after she finished reading her “horrorscope”.

I went back to being a kid, but I did occasionally revisit the crab situation. When I met someone else that had a July birthday, I would think “hey, they are a crab too.”

The next time astrology was uttered at a get together, was in a whispery way – a Zodiac killer was on the loose and most of those conversations were reserved for later in the evening after I had retired to my room with my dog. Back then, children were mostly shielded from information like this and we were too busy forming camps and forts, riding our bikes and playing in the woods to pay much attention.

Now that I am studying birth charts and astrology I have discovered that I have two planets – Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio in my 4th house. I’m pondering that and the revelation of this story from my childhood. It’s amazing how much the crab and the scorpion resemble each other. Both can exist on land and water.

I was introduced to astrology in my home by my parents during Scorpio season.

Rumor has it that the zodiac killer cold case was determined to be Gary Frances Post, who is a Scorpio.

Love looking for the connections, the patterns, the parallelism and synchronicity in everything.

Hope you all have an amazing Scorpio season.

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